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Faux vs Real 

Challenging a myth 

A debate that continues to rage on – faux flowers or fresh flowers? The allure of real
flowers is present. Having said that the growth of the faux flower market shows no
signs of slowing down. Whether it is for a home interior piece, a gift or an event -
faux is beginning to offer a a striking alternative. So let us take a look at some of the
reasons why


Pink Bouquet

Luxury without the fuss

Faux offers an opportunity to perfectly match the colours and flower type of an arrangement to the style of an interior and taste of the owner. High quality faux flowers offer a real-life look – but without the maintenance. There is no need to water them and they will not die. They are not adversely affected by temperature so that window display or conservatory piece becomes a wonderful option. Ultimately your flowers are always guest ready!


While the smell of fresh flowers may call to you – this can quickly fade. Not to
mention you have to get close to the flowers to truly appreciate the aroma. With faux flowers they can be scented. The careful application of the right oil can provide a room filling experience that takes over the senses. Better still – it can be topped up or changed to ensure ongoing scent like pleasure!!

Cost effective

You have that space in your hall. You have that vase you always use. You buy that fresh bouquet of flowers but how long do they last? Generally – most cut flowers last for a period of 7-12 days. There are some tips which may push life span to 17-20days. Therefore to maintain that space for a year is just over 18 trips to the florist! How many arrangements do you have? A lot of time, maintenance and cost!! High quality faux flowers provide a much better alternative while maintaining a luxurious presence.

Pollen Free

The UK pollen season can stretch between late march to September and currently affects almost 25% of the population. Faux are hypoallergenic so they will not cause you a pollen related allergic reaction. Let us also not forget about your furry friend! Dog’s and cats can experience significant pollen allergies. Sounds like faux might be the way to go!!  

Easily re-purposed

Faux offers the option of change without having to go all out on a new arrangement. Flowers can be added or removed to change the style or size of the arrangement. They can be dyed to change their colour to accommodate a new space or home renovation. Wedding faux flowers offer the option of being re purposed after the wedding to a permanent arrangement in your home – a great reminder of that special day. Faux offers great flexibility.

A gift that stays

An anniversary, a birthday or maybe a Valentine’s?? Faux does not need to be thrown away after two or three weeks. They offer the recipient something they can continue to enjoy over and over. A constant reminder of love, appreciation or celebration that works great as an interior decorative piece. Flowers do not need to be temporary. Neither do the gifts we give.