PH Flowers is a limited Company. This Terms of Service (TOS) lays out the term & conditions for customers of PH Flowers (referred to by company name or the term ‘We’). By utilising our services such as our website or by purchasing any of our products or services you are confirming you understand and accept the terms as set out in this document. As such we encourage all our customers to read this TOS prior to using our platform or purchasing any of our products or services.

We reserve the right to alter the content of this document in line with any changes as per our company policy and to ensure we are compliant with all relevant UK and EU legislation.

Cancellation of Orders

We will not commence the processing of an order until payment has been made in full. Once payment is made in full then only cancellations within 12 hours of placing the order will be accepted. PH Flowers makes a number of our items upon receipt of order in order to ensure the best condition of materials and as such incur costs at this point. However, if you have an issue with your order please contact us at the earliest opportunity to see if we can assist you.

Changes to Orders (Periods of high demand – Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day)

Due to the nature of the products we provide – at certain times of the year such as stated above there can be high demand. While we endeavour to have supplies to support this demand many of our pieces are still only made by our team upon an order being received. (Please note an order is classed as being received when payment has been made in full. We provide handmade floral arrangements and we cannot compromise on the quality of our product). As such at certain times of the year we may apply order deadlines to some products to ensure we can meet demand. Any deviation from these deadlines is solely at the discretion of PH Flowers on a case by case basis. We will publish any deadlines via our latest news feed on our website. We would encourage customers to order early in order to avoid disappointment.

Customer Service

PH Flowers has a strong emphasis on high quality customer service. Should you have an issue please use one of the means of contacting us via our contacts page. We understand it is a great responsibility to provide a luxury gift/decor piece to a loved one or for your home. We take that responsibility very seriously. We would ask all customers to consider that we provide some very specialist products utilising delicate live flowers and other materials and as such there may sometimes be limitations to how we can help. However please contact us and we will do what we can to make sure you receive the perfect product. We will endeavour to respond to any customer complaints within 3 working days.

Customised Products

We offer a service that allows us to customise an item for a customer following an initial consultation. Upon agreeing on the product to be produced PH Flowers will provide a quotation for the piece and an estimated time of delivery. Customised products do not fall within our delivery timescales below. We will look to achieve these timescales where possible, however this cannot be guaranteed. Please advise us if the product is for an upcoming event and we will do all we can to achieve the deadline. We recommend if you are considering ordering a customised piece you contact us at the earliest opportunity. We will not commence production of a special order piece until payment is made in full. Once payment is made – we do not accept cancellations or provide refunds on this product type. This is due to the specialised nature of the product, the ordering of specified materials and the allocation of time for the floral designer to create the piece. Should a customer request a minor alteration to a design during its production – allowing this modification is solely at the discretion of PH Flowers and additional costs may be chargeable to the customer.



Due to COVID-19 we cannot take a responsibility for postal delays . All orders will be dispatched within the time frame, but delivery times may be affected.

We will not issue refunds based on delay in delivery.

Delivery Time Scales

The following estimated timescales relate to standard products (not customised pieces) from point of order

UK Mainland & Northern Ireland – 5-7 Days (If required earlier see terms below)

Europe – 7-10 days

Rest of the world – 10 – 14 days

Should a customer require a product in shorter timescales this will be assessed on a case by case basis subject to demand and availability of time slot for a floral designer to produce the piece. Such a request is at the discretion of PH Flowers and may incur an additional fee.

Please note while we will endeavour to achieve the majority of these timescales – at times of high demand we reserve the right to extend these deadlines and will make you aware if this is the case within 24 hours of you placing the order. We will also publish such changes to timescales on our news feed on the website.

Third Party Couriers

PH Flowers uses third party courier & postal services to deliver our products. Provided that we have dispatched our products within a timely manner to allow delivery within our timescales – we cannot be held responsible for delays owing to service delivery issues of the courier. If you have had issues receiving your delivery from the courier please advise us so we can make enquiries on your behalf.  If the error was owing to a mistake in the delivery address provided by our customer or they were not at the delivery location at time of delivery – we will determine whether it is the customer or ourselves who should make follow up enquiries. (May require customer to make contact to re-arrange delivery time slot suitable for them)  

Damaged on arrival

Unfortunately, on occasion a product may arrive damaged through no fault of either PH Flowers or our customer. In such circumstances we reserve the right to request photographic evidence as necessary. We will then escalate this to the relevant courier company for investigation. Where damage has taken place in transit you must contact us within 24 hours of receipt of the item. Once the damage has been reviewed we will provide a repair or replacement as necessary. The customer will be responsible for any fees incurred in returning the product – should we recover any compensation from the courier we will use this to offset any cost the customer endured in returning the product.

Exchange and Returns

We accept exchanges and returns on all our standard products (not customised). Customised includes the fragrance applied onto the flowers.  Should you wish to exchange or refund you must

Contact us within: 14 days of purchase date

Return Items within: 30 days of purchase date

No exchanges/returns will be considered after 30 days unless at the discretion of PH Flowers on a case by case basis.

All items returned must be done so in the same condition in which they were received. The customer in responsible for all postage costs associated with the return of a product.

Payment Terms & Conditions

We use a company called PayPal , who service our online payment processes ensuring customers have peace of mind when making online payments with ultimate protection for their personal details. Please see PayPal Terms and Conditions for further details .

Stock Levels, Demand and variations

We source some of our stock from around the world. Due to the nature of the products we offer at times of high demand we reserve the right to extend delivery times as stated above. On the rare occasions this may be required we will notify customers within 24 hours of placing the order via the contact details provided at the time of order. Should we need to extend the delivery time and the customer does not want this we will provide a refund in these circumstances.

We may use floral items that vary slightly from the image the shown (where the general appearance of the product is in keeping with the desired theme of the product – subject to the discretion of a floral designer). Please note minor variations in colour can be present from one batch of stock to the next in the case of some of the flowers used by us.


PH Flowers reserves the right to publish customer testimonials both on our website & social media platforms. We will not publish the name of the person providing the testimonial without their express permission.

Third Party Companies 

Our website may contain links to third party companies or platforms. PH Flowers does not accept any responsibility for the content on these platforms. Users are advised that should they access third party sites from our website that they review that companies relevant TOS, privacy policy & cookie statement. All customer complaints arising from the third party companies must be directed to the company concerned.

Preserved Flowers Care tips

Some of our products contain real live preserved flowers within the arrangements. Preserved Flowers have no defined expiry date. Maintenance of the original preserved state and the continuance of such condition is subject to environmental factors and owner handling (both of which are under the control of the owner). The pieces produced are luxury products that will maintain their preserved state for many years if proper care is taken. Our website publishes care tips to advise customers. Additionally, all orders containing preserved flowers will receive a care tips card advising how to look after the piece. We do not accept requests for refunds where flowers have become worn or deteriorated. We will offer support & guidance as detailed to assist our customers to maintain the product from the point of purchase.

Privacy Policy

Please review our Privacy Policy to understand how we handle and retain your personal data.


From time to time we may run promotional offers on products via our website or social media platforms subject to stipulated terms and conditions. If a customer is determined to be abusing a discount or promotional offer PH Flowers reserves the right to cancel such offer to the customer concerned with immediate effect. Should this customer hold an account with us we also reserve the right to terminate the account with immediate effect.

Retention of Customer Photographs

For certain specialised pieces our customers may provide photographs for us to place within the floral piece. Please review our privacy policy to understand how we handle such images.

Note this TOS does not affect your statutory rights.

Any queries in respect of this TOS should be sent via email to info@phflowers.co.uk

Care Tips

At PH Flowers we want to ensure you maximise the enjoyment of your piece. As all our arrangements use faux flowers – they are generally maintenance free. However, the following tips may be of use to prolong the high quality presentation


We would encourage you to ensure that your arrangement is regularly dusted down – we advise to shake the dust off the arrangement or wipe the flowers with a damp cloth .

Scent Application

We offer to apply scents to your flowers at the time of your order. Over time the scent will fade. We advise the use of a good quality fragrance oils that can be applied to the foliage  of the flower in order to maintain the desired scent. Do not apply directly to the flower petals themselves.

Exterior Products

Our door wreaths are designed to be used outdoors. We apply a water resistant spray to protect all our external wreaths. However, excessive exposure to significant amounts of water may affect the materials and we advise customers to regularly monitor the exposure to rain. Customers can consider topping up water resistant spray at their own discretion and risk – we strongly advise you read the label of any water resistant spray to ensure it is suitable for the materials of the wreath.